Roots serve as the foundation of our lives

What we do

Our roots serve as a foundation for our lives. They are complex involving our family, values, beliefs, culture, and identity. Building on these roots we can empower survivors of domestic violence to rediscover their identity, set goals, and live safe, productive, and healthy lives. We believe in the importance of empowerment, respect and love, health, and productivity. We provide a community-based program to coach and guide our clients and families in the areas of A New Start, Life skills, and Healthy Living. Each client completes an intake assessment and together we set collaborative goals and determine coaching needs. Coaching sessions may occur face to face or digitally.

How we do it

A New Start

Creating a Home
Court Advocacy
Food assistance
Personal Supplies
Car Program

Life Skills

Coaching and support
Emotional well-being
Job Exploration
Self esteem

Healthy Living

Supplies and Tools
Healthy meal planning activities
Annual Healthy Living Event

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Department of Occupational Therapy, Loma Linda University Health
The Center of Restorative Neurology and Outpatient Neurology Department at Loma Linda University