About Us


Our Story

Roots Down, Inc. was formed on May 1, 2014 with Amaranta Scorzelli, Sylvie Wellhausen, and Heather Javaherian. In December 2013 two former clients from a domestic violence shelter contacted Heather. They had 8 children between the two of them and shared that they were now homeless and unable to pay for the night at the hotel. Heather assisted them for a few nights at the hotel and shared the story with her friends over dinner. The next day Amaranta and Sylvie contacted her to ask how they could help. Together they led an effort with their friends and colleagues to house the family and move them into their own home by the end of January. 

Amaranta and Heather were moved by the experience and decided to develop a non-profit organization as a means to formally help survivors of domestic violence rebuild their lives within the community. They invited Sylvie to join them and on May 1st, they formed Roots Down, Inc.

Our Program

Roots Down is a community-based program that emphasizes A New Start, Life Skills, and Healthy Living among survivors of domestic violenc. We meet individually with each client to complete an evaluation and establish collaborative goals in our program areas. We then meet with the client on a regular basis to support him or her towards accomplishing their goals. Clients may participate in self-esteem activities, and life skills such as financial management, time management, family-child bonding, and vocational and educational exploration. In the area of health, families collaborate with a coach to learn about healthy eating, and grocery shopping for healthier choices as it aligns with their culture. Upon completion of the program, each family will receive a garden or garden box depending on the size of their home and yard area.


In addition to our 3 areas of emphasis, Roots Down hosts a monthly family night where all of the clients and Friends of Roots Down are invited to one of the Directors homes for an evening of healthy food and friendship.


A New Start

Starting with the essentials, we concentrate on getting a fresh start with home establishment, food, parenting, a car program and other essentials.


Life Skills

With life skills, we begin coaching through life skills such as budgeting, education, job exploration, parenting and self-care.


Healthy Living

With healthy living we work together to make healthier choices in the area of eating, grocery shopping, and healthy living events.